Sunday, 15 June 2014

A sad post: vision problems :<

So as you all know I am trying my best to read per week 4 books, I even signed up for a few challenges to see if I could read more books... Problem? My sight is basically getting worst. I can barely read an entire book (let's say something with 95 pages) on the tablet without getting a massive headache and this week I've been sick a lot of times. I've been experiencing some time confusion (I'm guessing my body wants me to return to Portugal so bad that he's playing tricks with me) and the headaches are driving me insane.

Therefore, I'll be reading very slowly until I can put my hands on something that is not a TFT screen and hopefully the reviews will come in time (of course having ARCs, I'll be reading them just not as quick as before).

I have some great ARCs copies to read by Megan Hart, Jess Michaels, Erin McCarthy, a sneak peak of Isla and the happily ever after and of course I'll have to finish the wonderful "The Cascade", but they will be read very slowly. Also this week from 19th June to 22 I will be in Krakow visiting Auschwitz and the city (hurray) and I will get some times to read the Paperbacks I brought and rest my eyes a little.

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