Monday, 10 March 2014

Itty Bitty Hellboy: Haunted by Tiny Demons


(ARC given by NetGalley)

Author: Art Balthazar and Franco
Publishing House:
Dark Horse
136 pages
Publication: 16th April 2014
Review written by Lady Entropy
Witness the awesomeness that is Hellboy! The characters that sprung from Mike Mignola’s imagination, with an AW YEAH Art Baltazar and Franco twist! This book has ALL the FUN, adventure, and AW YEAHNESS in one itty bitty package! That’s a true story right there.

Collects Itty Bitty Hellboy #1–#5. 

I loved Itty Bitty Titans, from the same artist, and that prompted me to immediately request this book. Unlike the Teen Titans, I knew Hellboy fairly well, having read a few of the GNs and having LOVED the 2nd Movie (the first was meh). And if I had loved the Titans Itty Bitty version, I was going to absolutely adore Itty Bitty Hellboy, right?

Unfortunately, not so. I suspect it's because Hellboy, for all of its smart stories and setting, just is not given to comedy. Teen Titans are superheroes and teenagers, which, on itself, is already a source of quite a lot of jokes. Plus they have a huge and colourful amount of enemies and allies. Hellboy is much more focused on serious themes and a specific set of characters. While the design of the demon with the red hand is silly, it's not enough to make solid comedy. The proof came in the fact that jokes were often one note and repeated ad nauseam (yes, we get it, Roger has no pants, and his underwear is weird and he likes to take it off at the slightest provocation). But what I felt was the biggest problem with the book was that the characters were all lacking in personality. Hell, the villains wound up having more personality than the "Goodies" group, who wound up being too "I am my shtick!" - Liz makes fire, Hellboy is very strong (and slightly dumb), Roger has no pants, etc.

The art is still adorable and cute beyond belief so if you just want to giggle at the adorableness, go right ahead and get this. I think I'll stick to Teen Titans myself.

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