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To tempt a viking... by acting pretty

To tempt a viking
Michelle Willingham
Publishing house: Harlequin
Release date: 21 of January 2014
Review written by Adeselna Davies

ARC by NetGalley

Oh Michelle Willingham, Michelle Willingham… to think that once I was completely in love with you and your Viking novels… but this? I don’t mind historical novels that are not 100% accurate, but I do at least expect a tiny bit of research , in “To tempt a Viking” there’s none and I know Viking research is a bitch, been there, done that, so when I read a novel with Vikings when they use the term “I just want to be your friend” like nowadays, I think: I don’t believe that you think that word means what you think… yes, the concept of friendship in Vikings and then Middle Age is a really funny thing to study, however “I just want us to be friends” does not work in Viking times. Also, the “divorce” scene… tsc tsc. Vikings had rules for divorce and the “I don’t want to be married to you because I can’t have kids” is not really one of them. I thought the divorce scene was fresh and bold (there is not much about it), but the fact that you could extract the Viking thing and the book still worked, worried me.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the male protagonist Ragnar, he was strong and had morals. Loyalty for a warrior is very important and he embodied a warrior in the true sense of the word. Elena, however, is the true damsel in distress at the very beginning, however as time goes by, we learn to enjoy a little more the character. She shows a more human side, although the plot drags in the end and the reader seems to be sick and tired of Ragnar and Elena kissing, not kissing, wanting to be together, and running away.
Another negative is the quick betrayal of Elena. She kisses Ragnar on the lips and has improper thoughts of him, while Ragnar stands tall to his morals. He loves Elena, but he would rather die than betray his best friend. Her husband also cheated on her (read previous book) in favour of the “woman he loves”. That is not a good message to pass along. Even though I grant that many women adored the happy ending, making your characters cheat on their husbands/wives is a terrible thing to show. Personally I would prefer things to go different and maybe add some depth to the subject with more research attached.

To tempt a Viking is not a great book, it is ok and is meant to be read fast. The lack of historical research was a bit disappointing, but the author has other good books. Perhaps this one was just a little bit out.

To sum up:
+ Good characters
The plot gets fairly better after the middle
- Not enough research
Female character needed something more

Warrior Viking Ragnar Olafsson stood by as his best friend claimed the woman he desired the most. There was only one way to quench the deep darkness within him—become merciless in battle.

When Elena is taken captive, fearless Ragnar risks everything to save her. Now they are stranded with only each other for company. Suddenly every longing, every look, every touch is forbidden. Elena could tempt a saint—and sinner Ragnar knows he won't be able to hold out for long!

Forbidden Vikings

Resist them if you can!

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