Tuesday, 23 August 2011

If I use the word "fuck" and "cock",can I consider it an erotic novel?

Like a wisp of steam
Edited by: Cecilia Tan and J. Blackmore
Ebook By: Circlet Press Editorial Team

“Like a wisp of steam” is a short-story collection of erotica steampunk. The premise is good enough: Victorian girls with tight corsets in a world full of gadgets and adding a bit of spice to steampunk world seems only a nice step further. Only that “Like a wisp of steam” fails in everything they try to deliver to the public.

The Innocent’s Progress
Peter Tupper

An incomprehensible piece of work. Too rough, it has nothing characteristic of steampunk, the reader must gather strength to understand what this short-story is all about. They talk about “beast and pedant, innocent, fatale and virago” and don’t give an explanation of what it is. Characters don’t have enough space to develop and breathe. It’s all too complex for the reader who should just enjoy a good story and instead is trying to find a logic thread to it.

An Extempore Romance
Jason Rubis

The main issue regarding the short-stories of this volume is the fact that most of the stories are not well developed. They failed to convey any sense or objective to it. Although “An extempore romance” seems legit both erotic and steampunk sides, the reader feels quite neutral in the end, failing to understand why there was a need to write such story.

Hysterical friction
Thomas S. Roche

This one had a good erotic compound, yet it has little of Steampunk. A woman who hasn’t been touched by her husband goes to a doctor in need of treatment to, what her husband think is hysteria. Although the cure process has a little of steampunk, the set and story itself feels empty. The characters have little depth as they are not entirely explored.

In the flask
Vanessa Vaughn

A funny story with scientific experiments although not the best of the anthology, but also not the worst. The fun part is the description of Dr. Aubrey (a man though with a girl’s name) and the fact that his/her assistant named Nicholas has both female/male words associated to him/her. . The usual word associated to woman such as wanton makes the reader believe that perhaps Nicholas is a woman “I could act as shameless and wanton as I wished and no one would question my actions”, but then the author uses the word chest which implies a male assistant: “exposed nipples of my chest”. Nearly the end the reader’s doubts are gone with the description of the assistant orgasm “Warm white liquid spilled from me and drizzled over his fingers.” turning “In the flask” a homoerotic steampunk short-story.

Steam and Iron, Musk and Flesh
Kaysee Renee Robichaud

The best short-story presented here. Robichaud present us a real steampunk environment and a fair heroine, Trisha, who happens to be a lesbian. There is a mix of adventure, erotic and steampunk, this was the type of stories I wanted to read and it took a long time to reach it.

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